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Is it possible to make a living in HYIP and Autosurf Industry ?

This is probably one of the most asked questions I get on PM and support email: “Is it possible to make a living in HYIP and Autosurf World ?†The answer to this question is both “Yes,†and “NOâ€. Let me explain.

There are people that joined this industry back in 2004-2005 and they are still here, making a killing each month.

Most of the people that are introduced to this industry or they find about it by surfing online, invest in 2-3 programs without doing any basic research and when they do not receive their payments simply leave and blame the industry. That’s why when doing a search on google or read various articles online about this industry you get so many mixed oppinions. HYIP and Autosurf industry has been deemed, branded and said to be a scams, ponzi and pyramid scheme . But yet, HYIP still continue to draw in a lot of new investors while retaining some of the veteran investors. And that is what makes it an interesting industry.

Read the full article on CIF blog:

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