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HCI25 -

Current Project - HCI25

The project we now have on our hands is initiated by one of our long term clients based in the US. He is within the field of Real Estate on the the east coast. He has made some significant progress with his business over the past 20 years and needs to diversify some of the capital he now has obtained. This is to be done through a combined pension / life insurance fund which will have total assets of US$ 7.2B (7 200 000 000). One of the reasons for this is to obtain maximum tax reliefs for our client.

We have been authorized by the banks and the insurance companies to obtain the number of beneficiaries necessary to go through with this project. The number has been set to 27 000. This is of course the main reason for us to come out in a forum like this, otherwise we wouldn't have done that. That number would be very difficult to obtain using our normal working methods. This is also one of the few projects/plans that actually are legitimate to inform about using forums like this. Please be advised that the other projects/plans that we are offering cant be offered over the Internet. Those offers aren't allowed to be transmitted over the Internet/Email or even by "snail mail". That has to be presented in person and is done by our representatives in almost all European countries and also in South East Asia.

The administrative fee for this project will be paid to the banks and insurance companies that are involved.

The fee has been set to $42. There will be an extra 7% added which we will charge for the work that has been put into this and for the contacts that we are offering regarding this opportunity, so the total amount to be paid is $45. According to the contract of the fund each beneficiary will have the possibility to hold 15 positions in the fund, which then will total at $675, no more then 15 is allowed.

Please also be advised that we cannot accept any beneficiaries from Switzerland, Germany or Italy.

This will be carefully looked into by us. This is because of the domicile of the banks and insurance companies. Please also note that we do not hold the license to perform these actions. It is the banks and the insurance companies that have the necessary license to go through with this, we only serve as the agents for this opportunity. The Fund/Insurance will be activated on Nov. 30th -06.

The registration process has already started.

Each beneficiary will at the end (this will take place 6-8 weeks after we have reached 27 000 beneficiaries) receive a one time payment of £42 500 (About $78 000)

Please also note that the fee will be paid back to the beneficiary if the project isn't fulfilled for any reason. We will however keep our administrative fee of 7%.

The payment of the fee will only be available to pay to Liberty Reserve among other options, this is mainly because of administrative reasons but also due to our bad experience regarding payment with credit card and the high level of fraud that is very difficult to prevent. The amount that will be paid out to all beneficiaries will be paid to a bank account that we will arrange for all of our clients. No other account will be accepted.

We have initiated a bonus system since we have to have the number of beneficiaries that we have stated. We can't however use a so called Multi Level Marketing system which, from what we have understood is quit common. This would jeopardize our contract with the banks /institutes and the contract would probably be terminated in a very short period of time, that has happened before with other companies and we can't risk that of course.

We have set up a bonus system in one level, which is what is allowed according to the banks / institutes, which will pay every beneficiary an amount of £1900 (About $3500) for every new beneficiary that is put into the project.

The first 1800 beneficiaries that have put in 12 new beneficiaries each in the project will also be granted 2 airplane tickets to New York with hotel stay for 3 days/2 nights; this is complementary from our real estate client. This will be a stay to remember, believe me. A meeting /seminar with our client and with us are planned at his office on Manhattan and Fifth Avenue near Central Park.

The seminar will be held on 5 different occasions with 360 people attending at one occasion at a time. Note that the Fund/Insurance hold the assets in $ (US DOLLARS), but the payment to the beneficiaries will be made in £ (BRITISH STERLING POUNDS)

The process of transferring the funds will start once we have reached 27 000 beneficiaries.

The amount mentioned above that is being paid out to the beneficiaries will be about 91% of all the tax savings that is being made due to the fund, so this is of course a win-win situation for all parts in the project.

We cant go into further details on how this works. This would be a violation of the contract that we are in. But please do feel free to ask questions about it, we will answer all the questions that aren't a violation to the contract we are in.

GoTo HCI25! use horsewhisperer as your Reference!

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