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This is a detailed review of a forex high yield investment program with sustainable investment plans and a professional team. There is over one month since NovaFx started their online fund and a lot of people are already members and making good profits as you can see on our forum.  has started an intense advertising campaign; you can see their banners on lots of blogs or other investment related websites. The site is managed by a team of people who registered a company in New Zeeland taking care of all legal and financial aspects. You may also deposit using BankWires which in HYIP industry is not common and should be appreciated.

Investment Plans

There are 3 investment plans and one starter plan that I will not actually call it an investment plan as it is more a ‘TEST SPEND’ plan the profit beeing only 6% after 2 weeks period. On all plans besides STARTER PLAN the compouding feature is available. Use it wisely to increase your investment.

STARTER PLAN – If you are a newbie on the forex market and feeling a little bit skeptical about it, Nova 88 LTD has created the Starter Plan.

* 0.4% Daily interest
* Investment term : 15 days
* Interest is paid on trading days (Monday to Friday)
* Minimal deposit is $20
* Maximum $50 per deposit
* Daily profit withdraw
* Total Return: 106% (100% Principal + 6% Profit)

BASIC PLAN – If you are looking both for small returns and liquidity, the Basic Plan is a great investment opportunity for your short-term needs.

* 1.4% Daily interest
* Investment term : 140 days
* Interest is paid on trading days (Monday to Friday)
* Minimal deposit is $20
* Maximum $999 per deposit
* Daily profit withdraw
* Total Return: 196% (100% Principal + 96% Profit)

PROFESSIONAL PLAN – The Professional Plan is the perfect choice if you are looking for an attractive monthly profit in order to improve your family budget.

* 1.7% Daily interest
* Investment term : 140 days
* Interest is paid on trading days (Monday to Friday)
* Minimal deposit is $1000
* Maximum $2499 per deposit
* Daily profit withdraw
* Total Return: 238% (100% Principal + 138% Profit)

PREMIUM PLAN – If you are looking for high capital growth and are willing to make long-term investments, the Premium Plan is the perfect choice for you.

* 2% Daily interest
* Investment term : 140 days
* Interest is paid on trading days (Monday to Friday)
* Minimal deposit is $2500
* Maximum $20000 per deposit
* Daily profit withdraw
* Total Return: 280% (100% Principal + 180% Profit)

Administration Team

From what we gather from the  website, the company (Nova 88 Ltd.) has been operating out of the New Zealand, a politically stable country. New Zeland have a different taxation policy if you do business with NZ customers or you do not. That’s why you can’t register with NovaFx if you are a resident of New Zeland. The administration team is comprised of Lucas Vanvoorden, Joseph Barrois, Benoit Vorsselmans and Claude Dert. There are a number of official documents that can be found in regards to the company’s registration, along with addresses and even share certificate in the about us pages.

Payment Processors

You may have noticed from my latest reviews that I’m very intersted in what payment processors a program use as this is a very important factor that shows quality of the programs. A program that use only Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money points a red flag into my eyes as this payment processors do not require verification from members and basically everyone can have one account in 10 minutes.

NovaFx distinguishes itself from other similar forex investment funds by offering a vast array of payment options to its investors. This is good news for those who do not wish to just deal with one payment processor or want to the added security of funding options the company can count on. Currently, the accepted payment methods are GlobalDigital Pay, AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money and of course Liberty Reserve. Also there is a bank wire option avaialable for deposits and withdrawls. As you know from my previous reviews I like programs having accounts with AlertPay and SolidTrust Pay as this payment processors requires ID verfication from owner.

Software, Design and Hosting

I will start with the design of NovaFx as that’s what catch you when you enter the site. Is nice, clear and most important do not hurt the eye. I find it very easy to navigate through the site and access most of the parts including plan details, registration procedure, making deposits , withdrawing funds etc.

The script used on NovaFx is custom made. I’ve checked it with Acunetix and the report shows that is pretty secure agains hackers. This is very nice and shows that the administrator is paying attention to security of the members. There is a SSL certificate provided by COMODO and registration, login , deposit and withdraw procedures are secured so no one can intercept the transfers and steal your details. Another nice feature is the custom url’s SEO friendly like and not or some other seo un friendly URLs

The domain name was registered on May 20 2010 and expires in May 20 2012. NovaFx  is hosted on a dedicated server from ( / ) . Check the WHOIS details of the domain here: WHOIS DETAILS BlackLotus is recognised as a trusted company when comes about DDOS protection so novafx should not have thins kind of problems.

Affiliate Program  have an affiliate program that pays 5% of each deposit made by any member of your downline. Nowadays this is pretty good considering the fact this program have long term plans. Inside your account you may find a variety of text links and banners ads you can use to promote the program. Another nice feature is that you receive commissions even if you are not an active investor, as free member.

The management team created 7 banners in different sizes (468×60, 125×125, 160×600, 728×90 etc). Use this banners on forums or your personal blogs to advertise and get commissions.

Monitors and Promotion

All the ratings of Fund can be seen on this page: Ratings Page. We have taken a look at various monitors and have noticed only good news, all of the stats on NovaFX show as paying on time. The program is added on main money making forums including MoneyMaker Group, TalkGold, Top gold forum and ours, CIF. Also they purchased monitoring from Hyip Investment, , This rating agencies are pretty expensive but they offer quality monitoring and good promotion so we should see a pretty good growth of NovaFx in the next couple of months.


I am excited about this program for 2 main reasons: a promising investment company with security and corporate documents to back it up, and a solid selection of plans that offer a good ROI to investors, while at the same time ensuring program longevity through reasonable returns. If you are an investor looking for a long term solution, My advice is to consider NovaFx for your portfolio. Signup on NovaFx


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