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I want to buy

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IF there is something you want to buy online like scripts, domains, VCCs , hosting or goods post here.

CIF Marketplace Rules

Please read the rules very carefully and make sure you understand them before making your posts in this area. As we want our members to have a pleasant experience and not get scammed we monitor this area carefully.

If you don't comply with the rules you may get your account suspended or permanently banned and your IP blocked. So once again... read the rules before doing anything in this area.

1. Advertising and Promotions should go in Advertising category only.Thats the best way to promote your site

2.Post as many details as possible about your offer pointing exactly what the buyers will receive.

3. Before dealing with someone make sure he is not posted in the Scam & Fraud category. We will move fraudster's posts there. Also check Reputation of each member you may want to deal with making sure he have positive reviews.

4. Make sure you leave a reputation (negative/positive) about each transaction. This way you help the seller and others that want to buy. If we find any seller that try to increase their reputation by illegal means (fake transactions etc) we will suspend the account.

Visit Reputation Center

Happy buying & selling

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